Insaan eWarranty

Extended Limited Warranty

Earn A FREE Extended Four-Year Limited Warranty With The Purchase Of ColumbusAire Filters. *

*Additional Terms:

The extended limited warranty shall apply only to the end purchaser, provided that he/she has submitted the Warranty registration form and continues to purchase/replace both the pre-filter and main filter every 12 months.

The validity period of the extended limited warranty begins on the date of product purchase, and ends five years to the day of product purchase

The extended limited warranty is non-transferable and applies exclusively to the particular unit of product installed as identified by the Serial No.

The sole responsibility of ColumbusAire under extended limited warranty is, in its sole discretion, to either repair or replace a duly registered product (or defective part thereof) with the same or comparable model within a reasonable period of time, subject to the Terms and Conditions of exclusions, limitations, statutory rights and Warranty Claim Procedures.